This colour chart serves as a guide. Screen graphics do not allow us to be totally accurate when reproducing dye colours. Each piece is individually hand dyed and so no two garments are exactly the same.

Our Stripeys are dyed in solid colours over a mix of cotton blends. Therefore we cannot guarantee the exact mix of colours in your garment, only the solid colour choice. We do however offer a choice of either Bright tones or Earth tones when choosing your Stripe Garment.





We find this keeps our Stripeys even more unique and hope that you will too.

We are very excited about our new Outback Range and just love the first colour palette in this collection

Each of our garments is Hand Dyed making every piece unique.Although these are block colours there maybe some variation in the overall affect which lends a textured result to the colour on  the fabric.

We believe that this adds to the Uniqueness of our garments and hope that you do to